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Olive Tree Travel are experts in organising faith based tours and pilgrimages. Our UK Ireland Pilgrimage Tours encompass everything from Churches and Castles to Celtic tradition and medieval art. This is truly a trip to remember.

Ireland is rich in religious history, with ancient ruins showcasing its deep Christian past. Paganism and mythology heavily influenced medieval Ireland, making the art, architecture and religious sites truly unique from a cultural and religious perspective. See monasteries and the monk crafted works of scripture including The Book of Kells and witness the development to contemporary Catholicism.

Get up close and personal with landmarks rich in spirituality. Visit Iona, known as ‘the cradle of Christianity’ in Scotland. Start your UK Pilgrimage with your eyes wide open and leave with a sense of restoration and peace.

Don’t See the Sites, Experience Them

Walk in the footsteps of the Saints, follow the path of Monks, witness history unfold. Travel St Cuthbert’s Way to the Holy Land of Lindisfarne and trace the Pilgrim’s Way. See the iconic St Michael’s Mount and enjoy walking tours through Canterbury, Glastonbury, Bath, Stratford on Avon and of course, St Paul’s Cathedral and many more tourist sites throughout London associated with Christian Pilgrimage.

The benefit of travelling as a group on a Pilgrimage is that our expert tour guides are able to take you off the beaten track, away from much of the hustle and bustle of the tourist sites, to find moments of quiet solitude and deep reflection. Enjoy the benefits of being led by local guides whose understanding of history, religion and culture will leave you feeling enriched and inspired. Travel with other like-minded people and experience the moments created and memories made that can only happen in this special group environment.

Find out more about how Olive Tree Travel can assist with your Pilgrimage Tour, including discount airfares, comfortable accommodation, transfers and tailor made itineraries. As always, our flexibility means that you can continue your travels before or after your organised tour. Rely on our experience, travel your way.

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