A Journey of Becoming

A Bar Mitzvah is a time of family celebration and deep learning.

This rite of passage trip will be a remarkable experience, connecting the Bar Mitzvah boy not only to his traditions and past, but also to his future. A visit to the spiritual homeland of Israel during the Bar Mitzvah year is a life-altering experience for everyone involved.

There is no one-size fits all approach to this kind of experience. We work with you to design tailor-made itineraries and accommodation to best suit your budgets and specific requirements. Whatever your aspirations for a Bar Mitzvah tour, we guarantee that you will be spiritually enriched, with full hearts and a connection to the homeland and to each other that will be almost impossible to describe in words. These are memories and feelings that will last a lifetime, that will create a sense of togetherness and grounding that will continue to bring you flutters of joy and appreciation, long after your tour has ended.

Celebrate. Connect. Grow.

We work with brilliant Israel travel guides who specialise in bar mitzvah tours and family travel.

We arrange all those ‘WOW’ experiences for you, whether that’s a ceremony at the Kotel, an overnight stay in a bedouin tent, or white river rafting. Whether you’re focused on the history, the food, the main sites, getting off the beaten track or just soaking up the culture, we will design an itinerary that’s all about you.

We also provide 24/7 local ground support through our local tour operator to ensure everything goes smoothly and be available for whenever you need assistance.

The trip of a life-time with like-minded travellers in a secure and safe environment awaits you.

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