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The Iberian Peninsula is where you will find one of the most famous pilgrim hournets, the Camino de Santiago, heading to the breathtaking Santiago de Compostela where St James the Apostle is laid to rest.

The Portugese Camina, the route through the Portugese countryside, is where you will enjoy spectacular scenery, vibrant culture, fascinating history and delicious local cuisine. Spain and Portugal are renowned centres for spirituality, religion and pilgrimage. As experts in group travel and faith based pilgrimages, Olive Tree Travel is able to facilitate any pilgrimage along El Camino, known as Pilgrim’s Way.

These treks across varied torraine terrain can be grueling, which is why we make your traditional walking pilgrimage as comfortable as possible. We arrange everything, from comfortable inns, pensiones or hotels along the way, charming restaurants and taverns for well earned lunch breaks, a luggage transport vehicle, local SIM cards and phone, experienced tour managers, escorts and knowledgeable local guides. Our expertise not only makes your pilgrimage more comfortable, it also ensures that you get the most out of every experience available. Be inspired.

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Be moved. Connect to your faith. Connect to the land. Discover Lisbon, Faro, Porto and of course, the famous Pilgrimage town of Fatima, the site of Portugal’s Marian apparitions. Portugal is a wonderful stand alone journey or can be visited in combination with Spain. We also arrange travel via the St Ignatius Pilgrimage way as well as in-depth touring in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Avila, Leon, San Sebastian, Granada (to see the Alhambra). Our itineraries are designed with your interests in mind.

Whether it’s a spiritual journey to visit centuries old churches, monasteries and cathedrals, or you’re interested in architecture, history, art or nature, these organised tours will ensure you return home with your heart and mind filled with wonder.

As always, flexibility in your travel arrangements is key. That is why you may want to add an additional extension to Morocco after the main itinerary or travel to neighbouring countries on your own. Whatever your interests and hopes for travel, we make it happen.

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