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Rich in History, Steeped in Culture

Malta is an island nation rich in history, with countless past Empires, armies and rulers coming throughout the centuries. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a blend of European, Middle East and British influence.

Retrace the story of St Paul. Following his arrest in Jerusalem he was shipwrecked in Malta for three months en-route to Rome for his trial. Visit the statue commemorating this at the site of the wreck. Our Pilgrimage itineraries include Valetta, Medina, Rabat and St Paul’s Bay. Explore the Catacombs, where early Christian graves gave refuge during the bombings of World War I . Extend your stay to explore the beautiful island of Gozo, home of the stunning Azure Window.

A Sacred Island

Malta is known for its ancient ruins, its deep history and cross-cultural treasures. Come to learn, to grow, to connect to your faith. Yet, no trip to Malta is complete without experiencing the natural beauty of its beaches, the picturesque villages, the array of delicacies and Maltese food, the hospitality of its people, the vibrancy that echoes through every street. This is a Pilgrimage for all the senses.

An organised tour to Malta means you get to experience each site, guided by an experienced local guide who will ensure you truly feel the awe and wonder of these landmarks. Travel in safety and security and benefit from a seamless itinerary designed just for you, with comfortable accommodation and transfers all arranged and the best deals on group airfares and other travel.

We also offer complete flexibility, whether you are adding a Malta Pilgrimage Tour onto another Olive Tree Travel tour or you want to continue on your own adventure to a neighbouring country after the main itinerary has finished. Speak to us today to find out more.

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