The concept of a faith based journey or pilgrimage has been at the centre of Christian values since close to the beginning of time and awards the rare opportunity to walk in the shadows of greatness and follow in the footsteps of Jesus, his Disciples, the Patriarchs, Judges & Prophets using the bible as your guidebook.

A faith based journey or pilgrimage offers the unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship, strengthen relations and form friendships whilst engaging in prayer, worship and understanding of the scriptures. It is a rich experience that will be treasured and revered in memories for years to come.

The majority of the faith based journeys and pilgrimages organised by Olive Tree Travel are escorted by a church leader, a Christian group leader or a spiritual leader.

Steven Green and the team at Olive Tree Travel understand that all groups and individuals have different needs, interests and budgets. For this reason, every itinerary is uniquely designed and tailor made to suit the group.

Similarly, Olive Tree Travel recognise that individual travellers also have different needs and each group journey gives individual travellers the flexibility and ability to stay away a little longer than the main group. Olive Tree Travel has negotiated with all of the airlines to allow flexible return dates and ports for all group participants. All travellers are able to deviate from the return journey. Many travellers make extra arrangements to do add-ons, side trips and extensions after their group journeys. Olive Tree Travel’s dedicated team of travel professionals are able to provide suggestions, advice and quotations for these extra travel arrangements.

If you would like to organise or participate in a faith based journey, pilgrimage or special interest tour please contact Steven Green at Olive Tree Travel.